Registered Master Joiner


We warrant all our products against defects arising from faulty workmanship or materials for a period of ten years from the date of delivery.


It is a recognised trade practice that exterior timber joinery is designed for sheltered exterior use and should not be exposed to driving rain, direct sunlight or extremes of humidity. In locations where extreme weather conditions are found, additional installation precautions should be taken to improve the products performance, which are not considered normal trade practice.

Joinery should be suitably painted in clean dry conditions prior to installation and exposure to weather, ensuring full coverage and sealing of all surfaces (sides, tops and bottoms) . Exterior joinery should be painted or sealed with a quality product resilient to UV and following the coating manufacturer's instructions and advice. Do not use dark colours as this may void warranty.

A complete waterproof skin must be maintained at all times on all edges. Routine maintenance for joinery includes re-coating when wear or breakdown becomes apparent. Re-coats should be applied at an early stage of breakdown to ensure the integrity of the seal is maintained and failure to do this will cause rapid deterioration. Painting exterior joinery in dark colours should be avoided on any joinery that gets any sun or heat on them.