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Timber—a great insulator with timeless good looks

Timber joinery brings both flair and functionality to your windows and doors. The naturally elegant profiles can be crafted to suit your style of home. You can have them stained to enhance their warm earthy tones, or painted to complement your décor.

Properly finished and maintained, you can expect decades of trouble-free operation from your windows and doors.

Timber not only looks good, it works well too. It’s a natural thermal insulator. In fact, tests show that heat loss through timber window frames is significantly less than for a standard aluminium frame. Timber helps to keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter—and reduces your cooling and heating costs.

With changes to the Building Code stressing greater energy efficiency and insulation, timber is your logical choice. The Code now requires vertical glazing in homes to have an R Value rating of 0.26.

Choosing the right glazing

Depending on where your windows and doors are located, the glazing type and options available can vary. We’re happy to advise you on the best solutions and can arrange to have your joinery glazed in our showroom before delivery, or on site to suit. Options include: